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My name is Demetra or Ms. Dee...I would love the opportunity to connect with some players that are in need of "life coaching" or direction/consulting during this transformation into the NFL. Or maybe some players that are seasoned vets, but need someone to talk to about specific goals they are trying to accomplish; that is what a life coach if all about...helping people accomplish the change they desire. Maybe a player is trying is transitioning out of the NFL and need some help with that process; maybe a player is not good with the press and need some coaching on how to handle the press; maybe a player is not good with handling themselves in this professional arena and needs some coaching in this area...there is so much a coach/consultant can do for a player in the area of accomplishing their goals.

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Demetra Driskell
Monday 7th September 2009, 10:02pm
I am thrilled to be a part of this site and this community. I hope and pray that my love for the game of football and my true passion to "coach" the players comes through. Please stay connected and please stay tuned in because I have a lot to say...

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What? A life coach?  What exactly is a life coach you may be asking...well, simply put, a life coach is a person that is ALWAYS in the corner of the player whether they win or loose; on and off the field.  You see, these players are thrust into a whole new environment called "the NFL" and they come from all walks of life.  Who can they really trust in this business?  Their agent?  Their coach?  The real answer is maybe they can trust all of those people or entities, however they still need that trusting ear that can share personal one on one time with them to help them accomplish goals and move to that next step/level in their career and even in their personal life.

Coaching is a rarely new profession.  It actually was found and formulated through sports..."sports coaching."  The transformation from college to the NFL is often overwhelming to players, however they are expected to


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