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My name is kevin james. i'm 16 years old. i live in jacksonville and love my jaguars.

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Jaguars "Rebuilding" posted on 06/29/2009

           The word of the day is rebuilding. rebuilding is when a team, in a sense, starts with a clean slate. it is most often characterized by releasing players, acquiring new, mostly younger, players and often involves coaching changes. several sources include members of the jaguars staff, bloggers, and even have implied or directly stated that the jags are in a rebuilding stage. this is supported by the fact that some keys veterans have been cut (i.e fred taylor, paul spicer) and that younger players are being added to the roster. this means that as fans we must remain patient as our players begin to grow and develop into a team in title contension. that is great news but i don't really like the concept of a team trying to rebuild. when a team states that they're rebuilding, they're telling the world that they are lowering their standards for the next couple of years. they're saying that they will be satisfied with a 9-7 year and maybe  make  the playoffs only to be eliminated in the first round. i'm not saying that i wont be satisfied with that. it's better than last year. what i'm saying is that we can't aim that low. if Jack Del Rio was in an interview or at a press conference it would be better for him to say that they "...are trying a new approach" then saying that they're rebuilding. but all in all i'm excited for a new year and another chance for the cats to bring home the lombardi. maybe thats just me.

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Contact Me Any Time posted on 06/27/2009

           As the second installment of this weekly Jags blog draws nearer, i realize that fans of the jags are smart and offer good feedback. feedback is necessary for success in several fields. so if you want to contact me and possibly network with jaguar fans including me, you can add me at:


or follow me at:

     if you add me you wont be denied and if you follow me i will follow you also. don't hesitate to message me either. i'm always eager 2 communicate with jags fans. there aren't enough of us in the world.

                                                                                         Until Monday,

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Being a Jacksonville Jaguars fan posted on 06/21/2009

The word of the day is fanship. Fanship is the act or state of being a fan. I participate in fanship. You participate in fanship. We all participate in it. Personally, I participate in it in relation to different teams in different leagues. Among these are the Jacksonville Jaguars. I live in Jacksonville. There is much pride for the Big Cats and much scrutiny of them in this city. You’d be hard-pressed to hear me scrutinizing the jags. The jags will always be held dear to me. In fact I was a jaguars fan before I liked football. I began playing football in the 6th grade and was a fan since the 2nd. I remember people talking bad about the jags right before they fired Tom Coughlin. I stood up for the jaguars. I remember the hype about the new coaching change and the negative opinions of Del Rio. I stood up for him. I told them he would do a good job. And now even as I have grown, I carry the same mentality. When I’m at the mall, I can hear a stranger standing thirty feet away say something bad about the jaguars as he passes Football Fanatics and I will began to ball my fists up. Or when I’m at school and I see a Titans shirt, I began to grind my teeth. In fact, if you were to ask my friends, they’d say I tell non-jaguar fans to move out of Jacksonville. This is because I am a fan. If you’ve ever been a fan of anything in your life, you know this feeling. That is fanship.

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